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In the current economic situation, most of us are used to consuming hassle-free fast food. These processed food usually lack of a lot of nutritious ingredients as well as spices. Most of those food contains just fat, a little meat and dietary fiber content. In order to get our body system function properly, we have to eat nutritious food that is beneficial for our health and growth.


Because of this unhealthy food consumption, problems like indigestion often occur in most of us. Indigestion is one of the main reasons to cause gas, bloating and flatulence. The food that we eat, plays a major role in contributing to such situations. Although there has been a list of what food to avoid all over the internet, it is quite rare to find articles about what food to prevent it. Here is a list of those food and how it helps in our body and digestive system.



Bromelain, which could be found in pineapples especially the core, helps in breaking down proteins that are hard to digest in the stomach and intestines.



In cases where there is stomach upset, ginger can help in calming the digestive system naturally. Boil water with some slices of ginger to make ginger tea. Drinking ginger tea frequently gets to relieve excessive air in the stomach easily.



These seeds is very beneficial to our body health. It helps to ease constipation in a person as well as getting rid of excessive air in the body. Simply sprinkle them on salads or yogurt, or make a tea out of them! Other benefits to eating flaxseed for women is that, it also helps in reducing mild menopause symptoms.



Cinnamon helps in breaking intestinal gas and metabolizing the fats in the digestive system. It could also be used to stop diarrhea.



Fennel aids in the proper absorption of nutrients from the food that we consume. It also helps the stomach and intestines by reducing inflammation.



Peppermint is often overlooked due to being overused in confectioneries to make candies as well as gums. These leaves helps to calm stomach muscles, and reduce flatulence.



The food mentioned above could be easily found in the market. They are not rare ingredients that you could hardly get your hands on. We could add some of these ingredients in our daily diet, in an attempt to prevent ourselves from having excessive gas, bloating or flatulence. Although these ingredients are taken in order to aid our digestive system in the food digestion process, there are other benefits too that helps in our daily bodily function too.


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